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Temple Endowments:


Bishop and clergy from prayer circle behind veil and ask all to be reconciled or withdraw.

Records indicate that the apostles and their wives met in a circle around Jesus who performed at the altar.  The 12 repeated after Jesus, the “ordinances which lead to progression.”  The 12 stood in the circle arm on arm.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, said that before the birth of Christ she went through the temple and the person who took her through the veil was an angel (heavenly being) to whom she was married.

At every level and in every world there are 12 who officiate and 3 who direct.

There must be a place in the temple for recording the names of the people and the names of the people for whom they are giving their offerings.


At every stage there is a name and a sign.

Three levels of the temple as there are three degrees of blessedness.

Baptism was the first step of three holinesses.

The types in the temple prepare us for the world beyond.

If we don’t get the ordinances now we won’t get them later.

Endowment means having something which will come to fruition at a certain time when conditions are met.

(Everything in the temple is a type of things to come—it is a rehearsal of that which will have to be done again sometime whit real meaning and understanding.)

The church (temple) should be built with a baptistery below the other levels, there should be 3 pulpits on 3 levels, with a curtain (veil) of linen.  The men and the woman should stand on either side of the altar.

Jesus said to John—though you put your hand on my head, in reality I am baptizing myself.


With every covenant there is a blessing and a curse.  If one is not faithful he will be delivered up to the execution of the penalty of the covenant.

Satan’s program in the world is destruction and sickness—Christ’s program is to reverse that by preaching and healing. (the reversal of the work of death is prominent in these writings).

Judas when he disemboweled himself fulfilled the contract which he had made.

(Story of good Samaritan with oil and wine given to heal the afflicted—this is a reference to anointing and sacrament).

The Lord suffered that the blows he received may heal the blows we receive.

Satan was demoted and lost his Priesthood—he suffers the blows of death and cannot be healed.

(God uses Priesthood to command spirits and elements but does not command men, only asks and persuades, etc)

Anointing of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and feet that one does not go wrong.

The purpose of these rites is to bring about resurrection in cleanness and glory.

Marking on a special garment the same as those on the veil.

In the council in heaven Christ received his commission and a garment.

There are 5 marks which suggest something to the mind.

One cannot go to the king without a new garment.

(the writings indicate that the instructions given to the Apostles after the resurrection, during the forty days, were temple ordinances.)

When Adam was about to dies he sent Seth and Eve back to the garden to get the oil of healing, but and angel stopped them and said that the oil would not be available until Christ comes in the meridian of time.  The oil would be from the olive tree.

The sign of recognition with the Lord is to stretch out the hand and receive the sign of the cross in the hand.

(The final rite of the crowning of the Egyptian kings was an embrace which a priest have the king as a representative of the king’s father through a canvas in a special manner, whispering certain blessings in his ear.)

Three types of greeting coming from Adam’s time:

1) a call

2) a sign in the hand,

3) an embrace.                         These three signs are seals.

The Lord and his tow companions come and teach Adam the ordinances.

Adam was to teach all his children the law of chastity.


There was an ordinance for the apostles in which they went through three doors and received signs and tokens.  They gathered in a circle and asked Christ for the names.  He game them some names at a veil and they went through the veil.

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