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Easter and the Prophets

in Immortality: Famed Discourses on Eternal Progression and Future Existence, ed. by Gordon Allred (Salt Lake City: Hawkes Publishing Co., 1974):140-148. This essay was reprinted from Nibley’s World and the Prophets; CWHN 3:154-162

Fragment Found in Salt Lake City

BYU Studies 8:2 (Winter 1968): 191-194. Reflections on the recovery of the Joseph Smith Papyri from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. — Midgley

The God of the Christian Doctors

The Index Volume (No. 219) of the Latin Patrologia contains hundreds of references to passages in the Church Fathers dealing with the nature of God. The doctors are in agreement on the following points: 1.   The Existence of God Men believe naturally and spontaneously in God.  The knowledge of God is instinctive; it comes …

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